RV Elite

RV Elite, a side brand of RectoVerso, came to us for imagery to launch their new compression tights.

These are made on measure or in fixed sizes and the science does not lie, these tights improve athletic performance and recuperation significantly.  And, were used by athletes on the olympic games in Tokyo.

The brief we got, was that these images needed to reflect the science and innovation behind the product, and show the performance increase.

The campaign shots

We used a kind of light painting technique to show movement, this also added a more innovative feel to the image.  Afterwards, we took the image into Photoshop to add energy to the image.

The hero shot are used as campaign images with text from the left in the empty area.  We frame a bit more so the image can be used in different scenario’s.

The light campaign shots

These images have the same feel to them as the campaign images but do not have any effects applied to them as in the campaign shots.

The used of these images is also different, cause they are used smaller and less on the foreground.

The product shots

For the product shots, we wanted to keep the same atmosphere, but with a sports touch.  The hard light and contrast make again that this shows the performance aspect of the tights.

Crew info

Client: RectoVerso Elite

Photo/Video: Bram Declercq

Production: Elliot

Assistant: Jonathan Du Mortier

2nd assistant: Ophélie Longuépée

Retouches: Kristina Gentvainyte

Editing/SFX: Bram Declercq