Televic is one of our major clients.  This case is a solution we offered for the Televic Conference business unit.
A new product was about to launch and they needed visuals for their marketing campaign.  Together with Televic Conference Marketing, we set down to think of the different imagery they would need to do this successfully.
We first started with one product, but this was so well received that in the end we did the whole range of products.

The product shots

We wanted to show the product in another “light” than the usual white background.  As this is technology in a very well designed package, it was the idea to see this reflected in the pictures as well!
Although these devices won several design awards, they love to keep a low profile to minimise the impact on the environment.  A sober background and light reflects this philosophy.

The light campaign shots

These images have the same feel to them as the campaign images but do not have any effects applied to them as in the campaign shots.

The used of these images is also different, cause they are used smaller and less on the foreground.

The product shots

For the product shots, we wanted to keep the same atmosphere, but with a sports touch.  The hard light and contrast make again that this shows the performance aspect of the tights.

Crew info

Client: Televic Conference

Photo/Video: Bram Declercq

Production: Elliot

Retouches: Kristina Gentvainyt

Editing/SFX: Bram Declercq