We do not take pictures. We create images!

Bram Declercq Logo

Photographer | Director | Creator

Based in Belgium, Bram Declercq is a photographer who works for both brands and agencies.

Bram sees light as a tool that gives form and shape to his subject, whether it’s an object or people. Because of his technical background, this is translated into very balanced and pure imagery.  

International brands like Thule (RV accessories), IVC Group (vinyl floors and part of Mohawk group), Ghelamco and Televic (conference and healthcare equipment market leader), have given him their confidence. Next to big brands, Bram also likes to create a vision for smaller brands, and he always applies the same set of skills and passion.

Cars are a big passion because of the delicate lines and shapes that live within the design. To bring these forward is almost like writing poetry with light and gives Bram a great deal of satisfaction and comes very close to the essence of the craft of photography.

How we work


To learn to know each other, the product, the brand, the competition is crucial for reaching our goals!


We plot out a strategy and with that, create unique solutions for your project.  Together we make it work!


A good preparation makes sure we can work efficiently.  Our workflow is transparent, so you are worry-free.

build further

Feedback is most important to go beyond expectations.  Now, we know each other and are ready for the next one!

When clients choose to work with you, it is a great feeling.  To have a smooth start, prepare you goals, timeline, budget, assets and ideas.  And we are off to a flying start!