About us

Bram Declercq started his business over 15 years ago and is now working together with his wife, Kristina Gentvainyte, to deliver high quality photography and film work.

Many clients come to Bram with problems that are difficult to solve, but this is where he lives for.  Finding creative solutions and create images beyond expectation.

As a member of the board of Sofam, the Belgian copyright association for Visual Arts, he tries to make a difference behind the scene as well.

As a father and family man, spending time with his family brings peace in his creative mind.  And if that is not enough, the musical project Pankow with his Italian friends Maurizio, Alex and Enzo makes sure new energy and inspiration is never far away.

Kristina was born behind the Iron Curtain, in Lithuania.  There she studied Computer Science and discovered her love for photography and Photoshop.

For almost 10 years now, they work together.  Where Kristina takes on her roll as retoucher.

And while working from their home office might be a lot of fun on those long working days.  They both take a lot of pride in the work they deliver.

And at some occasions we just go a bit crazy!

Already since Bram was 9 years old, he went around in his neighbourhood with petitions for creating a better environment.  And with Kristina coming from a country where you see more trees than humans, nature is very close to her heart.  So since this year, we offer 1% of our earnings to the WWF to protect what we love!


Our Studio

A 250m² playground for photography and film

Our studio is a workplace for photographing and filming cars, fashion, installations, big objects and so on.

The infinity cove is 11,5m wide and 7,2m deep with a movable overhead of 8m on 5m that can be pulled out of the cove completely.

We offer both translucent or reflective sufaces.  And on demand, the studio can be made black in 30 mins with curtains and rubber flooring.