Creative imagery

Based in Belgium, I am a photographer whose lifelong passion for visuals has shaped my career. From an early age, I was captivated by the storytelling power of cartoons, movies, and images. My photographic journey began as a teenager when I started capturing moments through the lens of my father’s Canon A1—a practice I’ve diligently pursued ever since.

Over the past two decades, my focus has shifted from merely capturing the world around me to crafting commercial imagery. This transition wasn’t just a change in direction; it was the evolution of my passion for storytelling through images. I moved from seeking stories in the frames I shot to creating narratives for them, seamlessly merging my love for visuals and narrative into a fulfilling career path.

Dynamic duo

When I met my wife Kristina through art photography and music, she immediately joined the adventure, mainly perfecting and finishing images in post production.
Now we work even more close together with Kristina being a specialist in creative set design and styling.
Our strenght is combination of technical skills and creative concepts – to put brands on the map in different way and stand out from the competition.

Trusted by

During the twenty plus years that I am working as freelance photographer and videographer, I had the honour of working for great brands and clients.
These brands include: Thule, Ghelamco, BMW, 2TEC2, Orac, Manutti, Recto Verso, Blind Tiger Gin, Christian La Croix, Chevignon, Port House Antwerp, Hairco, Decopur, Televic, Pentax, IVC Group, Unilin, Nextansa (Tour & Taxis Brussels), Nissan, Kurt Vanoverbeke, Sonar Architecten, Achielle, SD Worx, Deceuninck, Brafa, Niko, Bruno Pieters, Foodpairing, and many more.