Achielle is a handmade bicycle from Belgium.  The steel tubes are transformed into frames and welded together with lugs, the old fashioned way.  This results into a bicycle that rides like no other.  And with a perfect straight frame, you can be sure that your bike goes fast without much effort.

The bicycle market is saturated, yet Achielle knows to differentiate by setting a consistent image of their product and company.  Not one bike is the same and completely customizable, which is challenging for marketing.

Campaign shots

The idea behind this images is to keep these images as close to reality as possible, but with a stylized touch to keep it modern as well. 
All locations were scouted beforehand and this shoot was well prepared.  This is the only way to get the light where we want it and to ‘make’ images.


This video was not planned.  We had some time left at the end of the shooting day and so I proposed to make a small video as well.  Until then the client used mostly product oriented video, so this was something new for them.


During corona, Achielle launched their Oscar Ltd1946 for their 75th anniversary.  Photographing with models was not possible, as well as traveling or even to go take picture in a city was not that easy.  So I decided that we would photograph the bike like a car, simple shot that really show the design and the work that went into it.

The bikes are exactly the same, but the green bike shows the effect of the copper when you do not treat it.  You have the choice to let you bike evolve over time, or to take care of it and keep the copper shine.

In the studio we also made a loop of the sequence settings for the unique light in the back.

This shows the possibilities of the light and makes this bike even more unique.

Crew info

Client: Achielle

Photo/Video: Bram Declercq

Assistant: Jonathan Du Mortier

Retouches: Kristina Gentvainyte

Editing/SFX: Bram Declercq