The brand Puckolo is a soda brand established in 1914.  Because of the rise of big commercial brands, they had to close activities.  Today, there is again appreciation for craftsmanship and high quality products. 

My family was in liquor and drinks distribution for generations and even a distributor of Puckolo in the old days.  I know the brother of Bram Algoet, who posted on his instagram that Puckolo started a new life.  I was so thrilled that I took my phone and called them.  After a long and very pleasant phone call, talking about our childhood memories and Puckolo, I started working immediately on the concept for this shoot!


The idea behind this shot was to create something refreshing but with an old school vibe to it.  Puckolo is a brand that most people remember from their childhood and this reference was good to launch the brand.

On the other hand, it also had to look fresh and appeal to a younger generation.  So, the result is a combination of modern light and techniques but with stylized drops and a smooth gradient for that old school feel.